Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why do I need Meals on Wheels when I don't even have teeth?

Trump is right that poverty programs don't work. They don't work bk rich people won't pay taxes to make them work. So now we'll rely on those same rich people to donate to poverty programs voluntarily instead. Great

You know you have arrived when a Rolls Royce can aim right at you as you cross in a crosswalk with the light, and in response you bow, feel sheepish, and step back to let them pass. They have more rights than you bk they are rich. You have arrived in the USA. You have accepted your place

Ah, a Blood Relatives file to work on. I can now dive into another murder in a family for insurance money. Make my $50 for the day, send the document to boss in AM where it will then be used on a major network TV show whose owners may live in one of the Valhalla type mansions on the other side of the lake. I'm a 70 year old cripple working in my room for a dollar fifty a page, and my low pay makes that Valhalla mansion possible. Only Way I can survive this sanely is just not give a fuck, Smile my toothless smile, bend over and shuffle like my neighbors knowing I will never know what retirement is, or even a holiday, or a day off. I have to transcribe seven nights a week in order to keep the job and they have told me the pay will Never go up bk I'm competing with people in India and the Philippines who will do this work for one third that pay. So... happy sunday to me, toiling in the middle of the night in a room by myself to stay alive. So why aren't I happier?

there is irony in me working on Blood Relatives TV show now as the main reason I am so broke is due to embezzlement and unusual death in my own family. I went from Orange County princess to broke single mom in one week in 1997 and the brunt of it really did not hit me until I reached age 65 and the money that was supposed to be there for my Golden Years was not there. The chaos in my life kept me from feeling the result of the chaos for almost 20 years. Now, it actually Helps to work on these shows where I learn about other families where there are murders, and see the same expression on those people's faces that I probably have on mine. Then for me you add in all that Catholic pedophile priest stuff, it's a wonder I'm still standing. I'm not actually I'm bicycling a treadmill with schlerotic legs, but ... still going

I got Meals on Wheels a few years back and I canceled it bk they kept asking me to pay $3 for a dish that was like soggy processed meat with a thwop of instant mashed potatoes and a nod to vegetables by opening a can. You could tell they were spending the bare minimum on the food and it actually depressed me to get my Meals on Wheels. I wondered why they did not show a little more care, use fresh products, as this dead meal at my door did not cheer me up or make me feel cared for. Now I hear they are going to just cancel Meals on Wheels so I won't have to feel reminded of how neglected I am anymore as now I know no matter how crippled I get, No One Will bring me any kind of meal at all. Thanks Donald.
Kay Ebeling That was in the desert near LA. It might be better in other places. In Chicago they offer a vegan option, I saw people getting that and it looked good. In L.A. they offer salisbury steak and canned green beans and believe me, when a meal like that comes in your door and you are old and alone, it does not cheer you up or make you feel like your nation cares about you. Please do not quote brochure copy to me to tell me I'm wrong. That was my experience.

The guy who drives the senior van once a week to take me shopping is kinda creepy. Now Trump will discontinue the Senior Van so I won't feel uncomfortable anymore. Thanks Donald.

The truth is Americans with money do not really care about the poor, they only use us for tax deductible donations. When you are on the receiving end of charity, you get the distinct message, those people driving by don't want to even know you are here. From where I sit it looks like people who run non profits drive nice cars and live in nice houses and the poor stay poor and conditions just get worse. No one has painted the building where I live in decades, the humans who live here REFLECT that neglect with toothless mouths and cheap wine odor emanating from their pores. Please don't quote brochure copy to tell me I'm wrong, I ride the bus. I'm experiencing it. I hear about the budgets for programs and I see the people living in urine on sidewalks. Don't tell me with all the wealth in this nation, that anyone really cares about the poor. Not when there are tents all over downtown L.A. Please.
Most poverty programs look good on paper but from where I sit, all the resources get used up at the top. The programs for homeless are run out of government office buildings that could house a hundred people, but instead keep 50 people occupied from nine to five, pushing papers, meeting wiht lawyers and accountants who all get paid High Salaries to keep the charity going. Everyone at the top gets paid and then the program gets run with what's left. I often wonder why not hire poor people off the street to run the programs. Why not pay the money to US. But no the cash always goes to the guys in nice cars with new shoes. Always. They always find a way to stick their fat fingers in there and get the cash that is supposed to be for the poor.

Subsidized housing for the poor actually subsidizes landlords.
I give up. If I just don't want housing or teeth, it won't matter that I don't have them.

Stocking up on mouthwash, as I know I'll never see a dentist as long as I live under this govt. Frigking jerks

Why do I need Meals on Wheels when I don't even have teeth?

Kingdoms with serfs and slaves seem to be natural order for humans. The middle class was great while it lasted but I need to bone up on my servitude skills if I am going to survive another decade. Yassah Massah
If only we did a better job of selecting our kings

Austerity for us, regular Florida vacations for the president.


I would tell Repubs they will cause Senior Citizen Suicides, but it would only encourage them to cut more.

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