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Malcolm Nance: Trump aides 'need to start getting lawyers' (Transcript)

Second in a series at CofA Blog, transcript of Malcolm Nance on AM Joy Feb 14, 2017, with this much repeated quote: 

"These people need to start getting lawyers and cutting deals.  Because when we have both sides of the conversation, you are going to get caught." 

Joy Reid: How could Michael Flynn not know his conversations with the Russian ambassador were being monitored?

Malcolm Nance:  Well I think with regards to the telephone call to Ambassador Kisilik [SP?] it's just a matter of arrogance.  I think when they took control of the White House, through the transition they just didn't feel that anyone was going to do anything about their decision making capacities.  He just made these calls and thought he was cutting the deals that he was cutting. 
But stepping back to the New York Times article, you know I predicted all of this was going happen seven months ago and that this was what the NSA and the FBI were doing all of this time. 
And it comes down to play, I know because I worked at NSA, and this is not just our effort, we have allied intelligence agencies that give us cues and tips as to criminality or potential problems that are going on with American citizens, and then that manifested itself as early as last August and September.  This is very-very serious stuff. 

The FISA warrant authorized the NSA to turn on the full collection power of the United States and there is nothing that will escape that, these people need to start getting lawyers and cutting deals.  Because when we have both sides of the conversation, you are going to get caught.  

You can watch the video here on YouTube (misidentified as Lawrence it was on Joy)

MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell 2/14/17 - Malcolm Nance Trump aides 'need to start getting lawyers'

  • 3 weeks ago
New reports say Trump campaign aides had contact with Russian intel officials during the campaign. Joy Reid talks to former intel ...

Or at watch the video at MSNBC here
or just type the headline into Google and numerous places will come up to watch the video

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