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Transcript: Rude Pundit int by Frangela on Stephanie Miller Show just now

Imagine if Obama had a ceremony for every Executive Order where he proudly held up the paper and said look what I did. Oh my god there would have been riots.
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Here is a quick transcript of Rude Pundit on Stephanie Miller Show just now interviewed by Frangelo from 7:45 to 7:50 Monday AM March 20, 2017. By City of Angels Winging It Malcolm Nance Transcript Project, helping to document the coup taking over USA right now. 

F:  You wrote an incredible article about themundane savagery of Donald Trump’s budget and I want to talk about it.  This budget feels immoral.

R: Oh totally.  Everything about it is an attack on the poor. 

F: You know one thing I find interesting.  Poor people don’t know that they're poor, especially poor white people. 

R:  I think you're right, there are people who think because they put their iPhone on their credit card, they're doing great. 

F:  And that these cuts won’t affect them, these issues in this budget won’t harm them, and they're the first – you write about Olive Hill Kentucky, how the residents voted for Trump

R: Yep yep seventy five percent of so of them.

F:  You talk about their water loss due to corroding piping, these aren't poor people in Flint, we're several states away in Kentucky

R: They're in about as red as you get of America.  And yeah their pipes are fifty years old and put in as cast iron pipes, nothing has been done they're corroded, who knows what's in their water because of it and they have 40 50 percent water pressure. 

F:  There are literally people putting their bodies on the line in terms of the Dakota Access pipeline, water is life.

R:  A lot of these people got running water because of the efforts of the government back in nineteen sixties.  The Kennedy administration put out a report about Appalachia that looked into deep poverty of area then Johnson administrated passed plan based on Kennedy report to invest in Appalachia. Now they're facing consequences of saying we don’t want government interfering with us.
When government brought you electricity. 
What is the disconnect.

R:  To finish what's going on, the Appalachian regional connection has 13 governors involved, mostly Republican, gave grant to replace pipes in Olive Hills to they can have clean water.  This agency is on the chopping block in Trump’s budget.

F:  It is savage.  My mother used to say, people don’t mean fat means greasy and it is it really is greasy. 

R:  I'm from the South so I'm with you. 

F:  People don’t want to believe the truth is the truth. The budget will cut jobs, kick people out of homes, cut medical research. 

F:  Meals on Wheels

F:  Protections that keep us from being poisoned, from environment to food sources. 

R:  Let's not forget things they've done to science, especially climate change.  It affects the entire nation, the Great Lakes. 

F:  And the communities that surround it, those aren't urban areas except Chicago, those rural areas are Trump voters.  You know how dirty Lake Michigan and Erie were.  You could not go in the lakes, the water was so bad, there were no public beaches open.  Have we all lost our memory of why we put in the EPA standards for water? 

R:  They don’t remember when if you fished in these places, you were told don’t eat anything from that water.  This is the backyard- he wants to cut funding for Chesapeake Bay and expects states to pick up the tab on these things.  What are we getting back in Northeast for what we're sending to federal government and they even want to cut terrorism safety in New York City. 
Every single thing he says turns out to be a lie.    Remember when Trump said “How can Obama go on vacation? I’d be there every day if I was President.” 

F:  And he flies out earlier and earlier every weekend. 

R:  Tell us something that's in your health care plan, describe how it works.

F:  He’d say it's bigly and it's wonderful and it's going to be great.

R:  I don't think he understands a single thing that's being proposed in his name.  Every interview he does, it's obvious someone gave him like a coloring book that says here are the people this is what will happen.

F:  He copped to not reading the things he signs.

R:  You always have to put it to the test, imagine if President Obama had said, yeah I don't really read these things but I'm going to sign them.  Imagine if he had a ceremony for every executive Order, Obama.  Where he proudly held up the paper and said look what I did.
Oh my god there would have been riots.  And white people riots are the funniest riots.

F:  I watched an interview with a woman who has Medicaid has a stroke and gets Meals on Wheels, she was shocked on camera when the reporter told her she was losing the meals.  There was also a woman who said Trump Care has lowered their medical costs. 
What drives me crazy is the lies within the same sentence.  They can't get through one sentence.

R:  Look at any random speech that Trump gives, especially off the cuff.  His remarks before the cabinet meeting were lie after lie after lie, I don't understand- somebody has to have the- I don't know the self confidence and self respect to resign and say you know what, accusing Obama, that was just too far, I can't sit here and pretend like this is right. 

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