Thursday, March 9, 2017

Smiling men shaking hands and not answering questions

It's too late to stop them. There's something liberating about that. You stop fighting, you give up, you step back and try to figure out how to rebuild from the ashes instead of shouting at "smiling men shaking hands and refusing to answer questions." You can't stop them, they have All The Power. Now it's time to dig a cave, move to an island, find some way to survive in the Exxon Hellhole the North American continent will be in a few years. I am not being negative, I am facing truth.

Kay Ebeling With no State Dept and No CIA, and no mainstream media repeating the facts and shocking stories reported by Rachel Maddow, a few bloggers are all that's left. And I'm a blogger who has been denied access to my own Dashboard. This coup is happening on lots of different levels and at least since I'm already broke and own what I've got, probably no one will bother me, I got nothing to lose. But others?
"Smiling men shaking hands and not answering questions" is what our govt is now, per Rachel M and the fact a hollowing out is happening at the State Dept and no one seems to know how to stop it, plus whatever they are doing at CIA and the 16 other intel agencies while people who've been there decades are being fired and the Secretaries fly around meeting with Russian dignitaries and refusing to answer US news media questions... makes me wonder what next?

There's part of me that's glad this is happening, channeling my inner Bannon, too many years in Texas, whatever. Since USA is so impotent It Can't Stop a cyber takeover, well, maybe it's time to break into lots of different states and stop dominating the world. That's the end result here. We will be so defeated and eviscerated in a few years of this, with natural resources and probably lots of other assets gone, I don't know. Maybe we can all be peasants and dance under the trees and not even miss "superpowers" we got somehow last century.

interesting: A few months back we passed the tipping point with climate and CO2 emissions. Now with the gutting of the State Dept we may have passed the tipping point to stop this coup. Glad I'm on top of a mountain where they probably won't know we are here, especially us down this side street in a slum. Still...

Republicans staring at the gutting of State Dept et al and doing nothing remind me of Environmentalists With Three Huge Cars in Their Driveways

Americans are Very Good at talking about what's wrong, lots of big words and brilliant analyses on all sides, but when it comes to actually changing your lifestyle? Lowering living standards? Well, maybe now...

We are solving our immigration problem by making America so awful no one wants to come here anymore. hmm

We just put Marines on the ground in Syria at same time we are gutting CIA and State Dept. Good morning

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wondering why I ever thought there was a city of angels

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