Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good Time to Avoid Limbaugh Listeners

Fox News zombies with guns on meth: when they realize Trump isn't bringing their Jobs back, I don't want to be around. So I'm not moving down the mountain until I know my new neighbors in a place like Carson City, full of Limbaugh listeners, are past that stage. Four years of chaos is coming, I'm pretty sure, so going to buy the recliner and kick back now in Tahoe, securing in place, so grateful I moved here to escape the Heat and will also now escape most of the shit that is about to hit the fan. I'm at six thousand feet, you drive up unmaintained rutted roads with sink holes to get here. Come and get me.

I feel better as I got out for a walk along the lake, then as the air turned frigid the bus got me home in time to beat the cold, and even with the heater off, warmth hit me as I opened the door. I have decorated without planning in warm colors, everything in here reflects me. I realized I love my home right now. For some reason for decades I was not comfortable in my own home, now after coming to Tahoe to heal from all the stuff that happened, I am happy in my home, satisfied with my own companionship. This is a major advancement for me. Plus, since I"m sure the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, I'm in a pretty nice place to ride this out. Lake Tahoe, wow, one of the most beautiful places on earth and hardest to get an apartment yet here I am with a one-bedroom half a block from all the bus routes. Why would I ever move? So... Securing in place.
Glad to see other people have drawn same conclusions. Just found this in a comment on a Raw Story about Trumpcare... sigh, and worst part of it is, they are all getting rich off this destruction and no one is stopping them.
It's not like hostile powers in history haven't taken over nations and declared themselves monarchs before... think of this as living through a fascinating historical period, there's that

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