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Malcolm Nance: Trump resistance on Russia is suspicious (Transcript)

I have decided to start combining my transcription skills with blogging skills, to document the coup as it is taking place, starting with every appearance of Malcolm Nance I can find first, from The 11th Hour on MSNBC March 1, 2017, here is the transcript, more to come.

Brian Williams: Is this a new normal that's being enforced? Are we witnessing an attempt at the death of outrage?

Malcolm Nance: Well you are when you're talking about this Russian connection to the Trump administration.  We're seeing something I've never seen in thirty five years working in and around intelligence.  We are seeing American citizens absolutely not care about a hostile intelligence operation against the United States, we have maybe as many as twenty five percent of the American voting public are siding with a former KGB officer and a former director of Russian on an operation that helped engineer the American electoral process.

B:  And why do you think that is? 

M:  I don't know, I think part of it is part of the battlefield and cyberspace shaping that the Russians have done for some time.  They are conducting hybrid warfare which is this perception management war.  They have their own media outlets, R-T, Sputnik and they tie in very closely with man- with Breitbart News for example.   They now have people who are sympathetic to russia’s position over the traditional positions of the United States for seventy years, I have never seen anything like it.  And ten years ago it would have been called treason but today it's called partisanship.  And this level of partisanship is dangerous.  This nation was attacked last year and we now need to get to the bottom of it. 

Andrea Mitchell:  Well one reason why people may not be reacting, Trump supporters may be viewing this as the White House said tonight with great suspicion that these are the enemies of the Trump administration, these are people who are reacting to try to undercut the success of his speech last night, and what you have to look back to is the way the administration and the president himself have undercut the ability or tried to cut the abilities of the agencies themselves, of the intelligence agencies, which is something that I had never seen before, going in, I had never seen a president elect speak about the intelligence agencies in the way that this president elect did.  And that was certainly not only demoralizing to them but it has certainly diminished clearly public support for their conclusions. 

Watch video here:

MSNBC Brian Williams 3/1/17 - Malcolm Nance Trump resistance on Russia 'is suspicious'

  • 1 week ago
MSNBC Brian Williams 3/1/17 - Malcolm Nance Trump resistance on Russia 'is suspicious' MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses ...

You can also watch the video at MSNBC and I will be posting more transcripts of significant appearances of Malcolm Nance concerning the coup shortly.

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