Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trump's dad built his empire on low-income housing. Why can't Donald figure that out and do the same?

All over USA seniors wait on waiting lists for years, YEARS, to get into senior housing that is within senior price range. Do you realize how Mean Spirited that is, like, yeah we know you may die before you get in here, so what? Bk obviously that happens. While you are on that waiting list, you are waiting for people to die so you can get into a decent home, bk Rich People Won't just pay taxes and / or build affordable housing. 
I think Exxon et al knows the Earth is about to become uninhabitable so they are extracting as much as they can and getting as rich as they can while they can, bk their studies showed them the uninhabitability is inevitable. So why the f-- not get rich first. Yay, earthlings.
That big Methane cloud under Antarctica is about to burst, so who gives a F--- how much methane we put in here and there now, once the ice melts on the Poles it's hellscape planet anyway.
I'll be on my way outta here soon as the Mother Ship comes for me so I will be spared the brunt of most of this, I feel for you young 'uns 

When the full climate sh-- hits, those 1 percenters who profited from the extractions will have yachts, airplanes, and homes in regions anywhere on the planet. They'll be able to survive whatever the results are. and not be saddled with this massive over population ... man. I really think that is what they are doing. And the orange puppet President with his wacky remarks distracts Everyone as part of the scheme. Watch Trump perform while a tidal wave washes over Australia

why are we surprised? The nation has been headed into oligarchy and serfdom for decades. Just now was thinking of All The Times i've been robbed by corporate entities over the internet, with crappy return policies, bank fees... it crept up on us in increments. 
Right now I am getting through the coup by accepting that I'm now like the people who lived with the lady before she became My Fair Lady. Earth has almost ALWAYS been like this, a few people at the top reaping all the wealth while the rest of us scrabble. 
Well you can do some nice dancing and singing while you scrabble, I got a few more years here and my life is about to become very simple. I'll keep my apt, as long as more corporate thieves don't find more ways to rob me. 
PS It must be much worse for middle class people. I get robbed of hundreds, they probly get robbed of thousands, just a little bit at a time...

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Losing hope
not even thinking of angels anymore

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