Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seek Fellow Ancient Hippies to form commune in Tahoe and survive the Trump takeover

I'm serious

Seek fellow ancient hippies who want to form communal home in Tahoe, combine resources and rent a vacation mansion with a view of the lake. I will run vegetarian kitchen and contribute my tiny income, others can contribute their Social Security and what skills they have. We will support each other and survive the Trump takeover here at six thousand feet where the rolling tanks can't get us… contact me here on Facebook by clicking my name here. I'm serious. 

Kay Ebeling

just made a batch of pancakes using 1/3 almond flour to make them more heart healthy.  Plateful is enough to feed 4 or 5 people. Come join me in Tahoe and form a vegetarian senior commune in a place known as Heavenly

Posted by Kay
wishing city of angels had not disappeared

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