Monday, March 20, 2017

If you are waiting for the Second Coming, it came and went.

Christ came back, saw the abomination humans made in his name, said, forget this place, and left us all behind. Then the USA elected Donald Trump President...

I'm a vegan because my body can't seem to digest animals anymore. I look around and it seems most humans eat animals and do fine. Another reason for me to think I'm turning into the space alien I really am. As I age I start to stop being an Earthling and prepare for the new place I go after this planet. I'm not aging, I'm getting ready for a really exciting trip to another part of the universe soon.

Earthlings just can't seem to get past Barbarism. The Big Guys sent Christ here to give humans instructions on how to evolve and elevate, we even had an entire continent to populate with these wonderful civilized concepts Christ taught. But greed, haters, and weapon users always dominate on this planet, so the Jesus Project did not work. If you are waiting for the Second Coming, it came and went. Now I look forward to moving on from this planet myself, to be honest, am staying in Tahoe waiting for my ride out.

When I wrote about suicide yesterday on Facebook, it was to say I think there will be lots of seniors committing suicide bk of the cuts, not that I would. Sorry to scare some FB friends. I would not do that as I truly believe you miss your ride on the Mother Ship if you check out early and you end up floating around or worse yet, Stuck On Earth UGGGGHHH Earthlings. Anyway, I'm not suicidal, I'm just concerned that facing the financial straits Trump shits on us, lots of seniors may check out early. not me i have an imagination.

I still say they keep Paul Manafort around to service Melania and keep her happy while she sends intel out from Trump Tower and acts married to Trump, who she turned when she started working for GRU around 1997 or so...

Watching as one by one, US leaders sell their souls to the Donald

“There's so much going on, it's hard to keep up,” the CBS reporter just said, and I say out loud to myself, “Isn’t that how dictators take over?” However, I doubt there's ever been a dictator in history whose progress was analyzed and turned trendy by smiling, well coiffed news anchors.

What is going on behind the scenes that allows this President to “close” and get passage of every one of these hateful bills with almost no debate at all?
This right wing coup is happening All Over The Globe and it scares me that so many of us just want to let it happen 

A child of the Thatcher years, nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon evokes some bitter memories.

They're cutting away at our freedoms and resources, one small cut at a time, so we are so distracted trying to stop the bleeding in each separate place, we aren't seeing the total annihilation of our body. 
I think it's too late to stop them, actually, because the inaction we are seeing on the part of American humans seems to be written into the plan, making it unstoppable. 
Unstoppable inaction. Whoever cooked up this coup was a genius, an evil genius. Well an anti-American genius, anyway.

Oh, I get it, he's the "Closer in Chief," Paul Ryan now says. Also health care needs to be in the Free Market. These things are being reported as Fact by every news network right now. Glad I'm a reader, but most Americans aren't. Gotta get outta here somehow

I have heard several experts say in news, don’t worry, sure the awful health care bill is going to pass in the House but it will never pass in the Senate. I think these are the same guys who said Trump would never win the Republican primary, or the election…

    The Cambodians were Right. March these fucking rich people into the jungle and make them fend for themselves.
    Thank you, Coen Bros and Hulu et al for Fargo and other shows that help me escape the horror of what is happening in USA. There's always movies. If nothing else, there's movies. There soon may only be movies but there will be movies movies movies
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waiting in Tahoe for my ride out

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