Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You think I'm angry

only saving grace is hearing "centrists" like Mika and Morning Joe say the word "Liar" finally describing Trump, and others I hear in background, as I work with MSNBC clips playing, begin to realize they were conned. What's happening right now is the Gradual Awakening as one after another T does opposite of what he promised, and, of course, it's working class people who rallied and voted for him who are going to get screwed first. You think I'm angry...
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Everyone is forgetting poor people are even here, which as I am learning, has always been the case. See, I'm newly poor so it's a shock for me. But when you live in the slums, after a while, you just wipe the world's spit off you and keep walking. Watch your friends drive off in another new car, getting away from you fast as possible bk you are so negative it brings them down. PS: Tax breaks are a great way to get middle class people to cross over and start agreeing and voting with the rich.
I apologize again to those who feel my posts on FB are too negative. I guess things are going so well for you, it's Unpleasant to hear bad stuff? You think my problem is I write about the shit in my life, not the shit in my life? Wha?
Hillary used to talk about us in speeches, the women who are in my donut hole. We are too old to benefit from feminism, nothing in my life prepared me to earn high wages. I Stayed Home, I gave up jobs to be there for my kids and aging parents. More stuff happened, but suffice to say, the Family Structure that used to support women in my age range is no longer intact. We fell through a hole in the safety net and Hillary Clinton knew we were here, she talked about us in speeches, she promised PROMISED she would raise our ridiculous income, some of us have SS pensions around $230 a month and No One is doing anything about us. Mine is a little over $600 but that is Not Social SECURITY I'm Screwed. And Hillary was going to fix it. Now ... I'm just screwed.

stuck in the house when it snows, then when I do get out, I'm Surrounded by Trump Zombies stoked on AM Hate Radio spouting Fox News sound bytes, yikes, run back inside

Venting: the hard facts of my poverty are really sinking in. At 70 it's not like I can get another job (I already have two) a cheap car costs double my annual income and neither of my jobs nor social security will ever go up in pay. Ever. I have to do the 2 jobs 'til I drop dead, while the money I make buys me less. So no, I am not celebrating T's wonderful tax breaks when I don't even have enough money to pay taxes. I'd like to be able to drive someplace now and then, when it snows I'm stuck in my room for days. So sorry, nothing this president is doing is going to make any of this better, there's no thing in here that is going to increase my net worth but everyone around me will continue to get richer, the cars will cost more and I'll die in my room without ever seeing anything in Tahoe that's not on a bus route. Assuming there will still be buses. Thanks Donald

has donald mentioned senior housing?
    No, but T gives us Tax Breaks: Because the Rich are So Oppressed and Disadvantaged in USA
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wishing I'd get whisked away to a city of angels

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