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CIA vs WikiLeaks (Transcript) w/Malcolm Nance, Naveed Jamali

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Transcripts of critical interviews and show segments regarding the Coup / Takeover currently taking place in the United States 

AM Joy March 11, 2017

Best quotes:  “What Assange has done is essentially made CIA and NSA intelligence tools obsolete overnight”  “The journalistic protection that we give a free press has been extended to Julian Assange”

Julian Assange (clip): It is impossible to keep effective control of cyber weapons. So what does that mean? Well it means that if you build them, eventually you will lose them, they're just information.  There's no barrier for them spreading across the world.  They must be used on the internet.”
Joy Reid: Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks and the man accused of helping Russia hack the 2016 election, spoke from his hiding place in London on Thursday about the wealth of alleged CIA surveillance documents that WikiLeaks published this week.  Later that day, Trump friend and Brexit leader Nigel Farage visited the Ecuadoran Embassy where Assange has claimed asylum since 2012. 

Buzz Feed asked Farage as he was leaving the building what he was doing there, and at first he said he couldn't remember, then when asked if he was visiting Assange, he said, quote, I never discuss where I go or who I see

Start with Director of Terror Asymmetrics Project, Malcolm Nance about this tranche of documents released by WikiLeaks, from statement from CIA:  “Regarding this release of documents by WikiLeaks, seemingly to undermine the agency, CIA is legally prohibited from targeting people at home.  The American public should be deeply troubled by any WikiLeaks disclosure designed to damage the Intelligence Community’s ability to protect America against terrorists and other adversaries.”
The truth of that statement from your point of view, Malcolm, is the CIA in the business of using our cell phones and TVs to spy on Americans?

Malcolm Nance:  No.  They're not, absolutely not and neither is the National Security Agency, and believe me, I know both these agencies, they just don’t do it.  It is a legal landmine and if there is not a FISA warrant available on an American citizen as a target, you are hammered.  I mean even with inadvertent exposure or accidental collection, we don’t play games with American citizens. 
On the other hand if you are a counter terrorism target, a counter intelligence target, where we think you work for a foreign power and they get a warrant on you, then the entire process will come down on your head. 
So the key thing here is that everything that's done in the intelligence community comes down to the human being, we don’t have time for the American public and WikiLeaks is trying to stoke this paranoia and the fun part about it is, on behalf of Russian intelligence.  So why should we believe a thing that this guy says.  He steals documents and then he goes out and exposes them.  And he just benefited ISIS and A Qaeda and everybody else who we could have been collecting against.

Joy: And WikiLeaks has managed to make themselves heroic not just to the far right now which is newly the Sean Hannity’s of the world now love WikiLeaks.  But also for the longest time on the left, they've sort of made themselves these heroes for transparency.  Talk about Julian Assange, is he number one even a liberal and is he an advocate of transparency, or is he an anti-American anarchist?

Naveed Jamali, MSNBC Contributor and US Navy Intelligence officer: Joy, first to piggyback on what Malcolm said, of course we don’t to intelligence on American persons. 
But, Joy, look, these things have real impact. When the CIA or the NSA has these tools, they're out there to collect legitimate intelligence.  When you compromise those tools, you are effectively compromising current operations as well as past operations.  That means that someone whether it's ISIS or Al Qaeda can deflect, can build defenses against that and they can also go back and say, hey, look, the United States we see that they use these tools, so we know it was the United States. 
So when you talk about Assange, and when you talk about what he just did- what he has done is essentially made those tools obsolete overnight.  And what that means now is when you have raids like in Yemen where we have to send SEALS in to collect intelligence, you're not doing this safely from a skiff back in Langley.  You now have to send in human beings who put themselves at risk, who put other people at risk-
This is perhaps one of the worst things that someone can do and it just shows what kind of a person Assange is.  And to glorify him and frankly Snowden, I think you can't look at that, do that in full honesty and say this is a benefit to America and to world safety. I mean, I don't know any other way to put it. 

JOY:  What Snowden took ended up benefiting mostly China and Russia – now WikiLeaks is a quote unquote hero for wanting to work with tech companies.  What American tech company would be crazy enough to then form some sort of a compact with WikiLeaks when they just did a Watergate on an American election on behalf of a foreign power? 

Joel Benenson: MSNBC Political Analyst:  I don't believe there's a single one that would work with WikiLeaks.

(I do. Many of those tech CEOs in Silicon Valley are not even American citizens, what do they care? )

I think the danger here as the other panelists described, Julian Assange is not a good player, he has been in bed with the Russians, we know that.  We believe that  the Russians interfered with the election- seventeen intelligence agencies said that, that should be of concern to every American. 
It should be of concern that Assange is meeting with people like Nigel Farage now.  Are the Russians going to have a free hand now to mess in UK elections and the French and German elections coming up?  These are our allies around the world, what he's doing is taking the set of tools that every intelligence agency- they all study what other players are doing because you want to make sure you don’t fall behind. 

He publishes them out there for a lot of players who shouldn't have them now and I think the consequences of that for every democratic country and election are really grave.  And I think we're playing with fire here by encouraging this stuff in the name of full disclosure. Intelligence agencies shouldn't be covered under full disclosure, they have to work in secret, that's what protects us from some of the gravest threats we face.

(Me: Oh my god I don't believe someone has to say something as obvious as that intelligence agencies have to work in secrecy, I mean...)

Joy: The CIA has a history that is in some ways dark and Americans in some ways mistrust them but the idea now that they're being undermined, that if it's the CIA, the American CIA or the Russians, that we should be choosing the Russians is insane.  But, speaking of what Joel just said, we do have  in bed with WikiLeaks, we do have the move to drive the UK out of the EU, you do have WikiLeaks and Breitbart in Europe, trying actively right now to impact elections.  They don’t want to impact them towards the more pro-western candidates, they want to impact them toward the Nationalist, xenophobic Trump clones.

Malcolm Nance: Right, well I think it's fascinating that Nigel Farage went and met with Julian Assange, and you know he did.  You don’t go dropping into the Ecuadoran Embassy for churros and tea.  He was there meeting with him and the question is, what kind of coordination is Farage doing now?  Is he now a messenger boy for Donald Trump?  Is he now going to help coordinate WikiLeaks exposure of western allied democracies?  

One thing that I can say about this and I'm sure Mr. Farage and his English counterparts will take it onboard, GCHQ, which is Britain’s version of NSA, is not allowed to go after British citizens the way that American citizens are. But every other intelligence agency in the world now is going to put Nigel Farage under their microscope because he is now coordinating with an entity that has declassified or stolen intelligence documents all around the world. 
If he's talking to WikiLeaks, and thinks that he's going to help engineer the fall of the German election, or the French election, or hasten the demise of England in the Brexit, well that's going to come out soon too. 

Joy: Why, Naveed, Is Julian Assange not in jail, why isn’t he in prison?

N:  When we talk about conspiracy and we talk about journalism and fake news, one of the things that drives me and a lot of investigators nuts is the fact that this journalistic protection that we give a free press has been extended to Julian Assange.  He's not a journalist, he's not a blogger, that's why he's free and out and not prosecuted.

Joy: He's acting in the guise of a journalist but he's clearly acting to destabilizing governments and getting away with it. 
(Since 2011 I've been blogging and posting in comments that foreign agents are attacking the United States using information and they know that because of our First Amendment, we will not stop them.)

Watch the video by clicking on Assange's pic below, so far I can't find it on YouTube but it will be there soon, I'm sure.

The CIA has blasted WikiLeaks over its release of purported hacking methods and more. What will be the political and security implications? Joy Reid and her panel discuss.

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