Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Those people saying Trump is a fascist dictator were Not Exaggerating

More transcripts coming soon, meanwhile 
ME: I think she stays in NY so she can continue sending intelligence to Russia from Trump Towers, that's what I really think.  FRIEND: 
True. They'd have to move the dedicated lines and they'd get caught in the White House

"Another Radical change by President, this involving how many civilians he can Kill with his reckless use of force. NO. The American voters, civilians, do Not Approve of this careless killing, including children, by a hateful person who stole the Presidency. Too Many Radical Changes Too Soon when we have not even agreed as a nation that he is a legitimate president. He Is Taking Over as Dictator:
"President Trump has granted a military request that three areas of Yemeni provinces be, at least temporarily, declared “areas of active hostilities.” This could explain why a January raid in Yemen killed up to 23 civilians — including, according to a detailed Intercept report, 10 children under the age of 13 and six women. That designation would have effectively given the military the green light to proceed without the “near certainty” that civilians wouldn’t be harmed — even in areas where the United States isn’t actually engaged in hostilities."

When the Obama administration put in place guidelines meant to restrain lethal drone and other killings abroad, we were concerned that they set too low a bar, and that…

"To ensure the public better understands the legal basis for the Yemen raid, the decision-making process leading to it, and its outcome, the ACLU today filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking records pertaining to the raid and the designation of parts of Yemen as “areas of active hostilities.” We have also requested information about the numbers and identities of civilians killed — including both assessments made in advance of the raid and in its aftermath.
"The Times report suggests that the Trump administration is considering applying the same “area of active hostilities” designation to Somalia, which would endanger civilians there as well. Even more worryingly, the report suggests the president is considering rescinding the PPG altogether, which could effectively — and unlawfully — turn other parts of the world into the president’s claimed battlefield."
Those people saying Trump is a fascist dictator were Not Exaggerating
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PS: I work as a Transcriber for TV and film in production, so you can be sure transcripts here are accurate.

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