Friday, March 17, 2017

Please Please, Mr. Trump, extend Medicare to everyone, ins cos sell extra policies, SIMPLE HEALTHCARE SOLUTION

When Blue Cross started, it was mandated by law to be a nonprofit. I heard it on Thom Hartmann the other day and have not been able to stop thinking about it. Reagan changed it to a for profit industry. Before that BC was this benevolent organization like a credit union. Well, today in 2017, I don't trust Credit Unions either... gotta get to work...
Before 1946, there was no health insurance. People saved and paid, doctors cared about their community. Insurance Companies Ruined Health Care in USA. They made it an industry for profit and turned our bodies into commodities. Humans are not "customers" we are patients when we go to a doctor. I should develop this into a blog post

Prior to 1986, organizations administering BCBS were tax exempt under 501(c)(4) as social welfare plans. However, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 revoked the exemption, because the plans sold commercial-type insurance. They became 501(m) organizations, subject to federal taxation, but entitled to "special tax benefits"[7] under IRC 833.[8]
In 1994, BCBS changed to allow its licensees to be for-profit corporations.[2] During 2010, Health Care Service Corporation, the parent company of BCBS in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Montana and Illinois, nearly doubled its income to $1.09 billion in 2010, and began four years of billion-dollar profits.[9] In the final spending bill for FY 2015 after much lobbying since 2010, nonprofit Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans continue to have special tax breaks that were understood to be threatened by the Affordable Care Act of 2010.[10]
Kay Ebeling and the doctors I go to are uninformed, frighteningly so, I don't even go anymore at age 70 I feel it's better for me to stay away from doctors or I'll end up dependent on several pharms that don't work and recovering from unneeded surgeries when I could be working. Fuck USA health care

The Downfall of healthcare in the USA (from Wikipedia above):
They got tax law changes in 86, gradually health ins segued from non profit to profit by 94, and now BCBS makes billions of dollars a year and still gets tax breaks as a "nonprofit"?

Please Please Please have Donald surprise everyone and extend Medicare to everyone, please please please
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Please Please Please, Mr. Trump, extend Medicare to everyone, ins cos sell extra policies, SIMPLE HEALTHCARE SOLUTION @realDonaldTrump

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