Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gotta Hand it to Putin et al

They used mesmerizing hate rallies to get Trump elected (and other deceptions), First Thing president does is dismantle State Dept plus law enforcement and justice structures at federal level. So NOW there's nothing we can do to stop them, all we can do is watch. Astounding..
my dashboard from early AM May 10 shows a High Russian audience at CofA Blog at same time, as I reported to FB friends, when I post on my blog about Russia, I suddenly can't open my dashboard to post again unless I reboot, bk everything freezes. It only happens when I post about coup:
You can see I had an unusually high Russian audience yesterday AM when I was posting a lot about Trump-Russia. I think they have programmed Bots to seek out keywords and then screw with that computer or blog infrastructure, even when it's just a little old lady like me with a blog trying to tell the truth about the coup.

Map above Proves Russians were on my blog watching at same time my Blogger Dashboard froze up in a strange way and I could not post. Not first time that's happened.
My dashboard got compromised once before, when I was posting lots of stuff about the pedophile priests in 2008 or so and Dang, I can't remember the details frigging PTSD. But once again, I think same tactics are being used in Trump-Russia as were used, perhaps even tried out, with pedophile priest obstruction of truth getting released. I'm saying The Vatican et al used same techniques a few years back to stop bloggers etc from writing about pedophile priests, they honed the skill, proved it worked, with us. Then Russia used same techniques on the entire USA population in last year's election and they are still using it to control news in USA. It appears there is now a template for disinformation, and fucking with bloggers is part of it. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Thing about an outrageous theory in trying to figure out TrumpPutin is, even if it's only partly true, then at least That Part gets out... the germ of the outrageous stuff that's true is in the middle of the outrageous stuff that only may be true...
Kay Ebeling we have to dig between lines and look at what is Not being reported to find truth
Here it is from a day later, not sure if it is clear in this screenshot, but the Russian part of my blog audience per Dashboard stats is Now The Darkest, which means the majority of people coming to CofA25 blog the past week are in Russia. I have no idea what that proves, just stating it as something that is happening.

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More to come today
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