Wednesday, May 10, 2017

reading maps of Canada again

If we don't get Trump out soon, they are going to take another step, another shoe will fall, and, I predict, hackers will make it hard for Americans to access the internet, or even access news. Other than Fox. (imagination going wild again) Just think a minute how dependent we are on the internet and cable companies for everything we know.

scary to think how dependent we are on the internet and cable companies for everything we know in News, how easily hackers could cut us off.
Zombies, fueled by Hate Radio, voted in this coup.
Even if we do get Trump out, the "infrastructure" for a cyber attack could be getting laid down Now, while we are babbling talking heads on TV and still not looking the right places.

SOMETHING is going on in that White House and State Dept etc while they stall this investigation.

Reporters gathered around Sean Spicer expecting him to give answers is an iconic image for the Downfall of USA

First thing T did as Pres was dismantle govt depts that could stop a coup, rendering us impotent to do anything but watch while it happens.

When they brought up Hillary's emails again, I could almost hear laughter coming from the Kremlin.

Some time in the future we will go back over all these weird tweets and mysterious press statements from Trump, finally knowing what they really meant.

Because we worship money, it's been easy for Russians since 1960s to find Americans who will turn and betray their own nation. But this is beyond history.

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