Sunday, May 21, 2017

United Emirates of America established May 2017

United Arab Emirates of America May 2017
Why did the travel ban on "muslims" not include any Arab states?
Think About It:
Trump flew out of here with all his entourage on the One-Year anniversary of the Egyptair crash ... a few weeks ago they concluded that though the plane exploded in midair, there were No Explosives on board... What secret was it Trump was telling the Russians about airline safety last week?

my imagination is going wild with crazy scary ideas and I wonder, is this terrorism or is it just me?

The secret T gave the Russians last week in Oval Office had to do with batteries on laptops: "One theory being examined by investigators, according to the latest reports, is that a tablet computer may have burst into flames on, or near, the flight deck." May 19, 2016.

French crash investigators probing the crash of an EgyptAir Airbus A320 over the Mediterranean Sea in May 2016 have reportedly found no trace of explosives on the…
One Year Ago:
trump is leveraging the Egyptair crash / terror attack to become an even more powerful candidate, sucking up support, even from the fractures in the democratic

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Putin et al read more history than Americans do, so knew exactly how to manipulate us.
L.A. Times 1973

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Watching this Trump trip, it feels like we are now the United Arab Emirates of America

Interesting. Trump is about to get a special tour of The Vatican including St. Peter's Cathedral. I'm one of the pedophile priest victims and have not been able to even walk into a church for years without getting a knife-life stomach ache. Interesting that someone like Trump can rally right into the place...


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