Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Malcolm Nance tweets today

Documenting the coup:
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    7. Trumps enabler's will have to ask themselves one question: Are we Patriots who stand for our nation first or partisans who don't care?
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    6. Until we discover if Trump is an agent, asset, or useful idiot of Kremlin this nation is at highest risk of hostile takeover in history.
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    5. Trump sworn oath to protect & defend our Constitution. Evidence indicates he may owe financial allegiance to Moscow.
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    4. Trump's ego now a top threat to US national security. A Special Prosecutor must be empaneled to investigate
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    4. Trump exhibited gross incompetence & criminal malfeasance. He subservience to Russia is now sinister. What do they have on him to act so?
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    3. This type of ego-driven security breach is actionable for all others reaulting in careers ended and shame. For Trump, it's all good Bro!
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    2. Trump Lies Pattern™ is like a Russian Active Measure: Decieve, Disrupt, Deny, Divert and Dare. Followed by making counter accusations.
  8. 1. Trumps twitter flip flop confessing to passing classified info to Russia confirms that nothing he or his staff says can be trusted.
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    You know what else has an "absolute right" to do as President? Launch nukes.


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