Monday, May 1, 2017

Was Patrick Bateman a portrayal of Donald Trump?

Have watched film American Psycho now five or so times after getting DVD from library last week and amazed at the similarities between our President and that self absorbed, entitled lead character. Patrick Bateman gets away with one murder after another, and people don't just adore him they revere him bk he's "perfect" and at the top of Manhattan with inherited wealth. It is like a study of Donald Trump today though the film was made in the year 2000.
There is even a Donald Trump reference in the film: As Bateman rides along in limo ignoring his fiancĂ©, he interrupts her to say, isn’t that Donald Trump’s car. . .

Great song from the Controversial Motion Picture! I do not have the rights to this Song, I just want people to hear it.
Donald Trump's America, a gun in every liquor cabinet: 

Home Video, a Sunday in La Jolla. Watching downfall of civilization from a mountain top with my laptop cont'd:

University City area of San Diego. 9800 block of Judicial Drive Shortly after 6 pm A white male walked into the pool area of this apartment complex, where a ...
"a beer in one hand, a gun in the other" Yay for freedom usa usa!

A female victim attending a birthday party at a University City apartment complex has died in a shooting rampage.
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