Saturday, May 20, 2017

And now Roger Ailes is dead

Still holding to my theory. Saudis started Fox News in 1995, behind scenes of course as they strategized this with Russia- from 1995 on the Disinformation campaign kicked in, in part after seeing how successful and influential Rush Limbaugh got so fast... When they saw how easy it was to Literally Brainwash Americans with anti-american messages on TV, the Saudi-Russia PR guys (manafort?) expanded into websites such as Drudge, Breitbart, radio stations all over the USA, all delivering this anti-American message dressed up in flags and patriotic imagery. They also arranged for Trump to meet Melania back in the mid-nineties and perhaps other crazy right-wing rich guys were approached, but with The Donald it worked. He went from progressive loose-morality guy to Russian Orthodox anti-freedom, Tea Partier. With the help of this massive network of False Information Disseminaters, Trump got elected president, he did Nothing he said he would do, instead started right away dismantling any agency that could stop him. Now it's May 20, 2017. He's taken every important person on his staff and his family including grandchildren and left the country. What happens next?

I also think when Trump said he fired Comey over the way he handled Hillary, it was bk Trump wanted Comey to Arrest her and "Lock Her Up Lock Her Up" and even Comey would not go that far. just observing here...

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