Thursday, May 25, 2017

This was a Coup by Public Relations. wow

Manafort was being paid $10 million a year, so why the surprise that he's a traitor? You can create a lot of false news stories, AND news sites with $10 mill a year

Montana candidate attack on journalist represents Rural America who've been fed a nonstop course of Hate Radio for more than ten years. They are full of Hate, they live near me, I see them. That propaganda machine, probably produced by Putin and broadcast all over Our Country, is the cause of everything that is going wrong right now.

Wonder how much of Manafort's money was used to create Clear Channel. 

The Montana Republican candidate used the phrase "liberal reporter" as if that is a legitimate reason to assault someone. "Liberal reporter" is a buzz word on Hate Radio. The coup is Programming people to hate reporters. Politicians who hate journalists are trying to get away with something. 

We are now living with the Thug Effects of the trump admin
Comic relief:


All those Hate Rallies during the election, there was Flynn, an agent of Russia, right next to Trump egging him on.
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