Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I still have hope, believe it or not

Think of it. Clinton Watts, James Comey, Malcolm Nance, are All Republicans and Very Vocal about the Treason taking place. At some point the repugnants in Congress, at least 1 or 2 of them, are going to hear what these former FBI CIA guys are saying on so many news shows, in so many hearings, and 1 or 2 Repubs will have to turn on Trump. Then It Will Start. I think Impeachment is very close. When I saw Ted Cruz's face in a news clip just now, I knew it. This is on the way to being over. I hope i hope i hope

Forget impeachment, arrest him.

maybe Trump will take his newfound cash and disappear to some central european/asian villa. JUST GO AWAY

Kay Ebeling I'm me at age 8 third grade learning about the Constitution and believing that it can work.

WHY are we letting Trump leave the country while he is Under Investigation?
J Comey, C Watts, M Nance are all Lifelong Republicans, Trump is not. Listen to them.
One of the strangest things about all this is the expressions on congress members' faces, they come out of these meetings looking Horrified, then they CAN'T say what they learned. They are walking around knowing some secret that they can't tell us? WTF?

It'll be FBI, CIA, and DOJ, the very depts Trump tried to tear apart, that will bring him down. And the Press. Yay!

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