Sunday, May 7, 2017

still holding out hope

could it be, when T talks about Part 2 of his health care plan, he's going to expand Medicare to everyone who can't get health care under his Golden Plan, which is really a Golden Shower of trickle down on all of us, but like many, i still hold out hope
At same time US EPA removes all science info from public consumption, poisons under melting Arctic ice are already coming up, I'm waiting for the cloud of methane they already know is under there, but this is unexpected. Viruses...this is really happening

Humans having been living alongside viruses and bacteria for a very long time, but what happens when climate change and global warming cause dangerous viruses…
Kay Ebeling "over 75 years ago, a reindeer infected with anthrax died and its frozen carcass became trapped under a layer of frozen soil, known as permafrost. There it stayed until a heatwave in the summer of 2016, when the permafrost thawed.
This exposed the rein
deer corpse and released infectious anthrax into nearby water and soil, and then into the food supply. More than 2,000 reindeer grazing nearby became infected, which then led to the small number of human cases.
The fear is that this will not be an isolated case."

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Jo Miller Time to brush off the smallpox vaccine and get it going again. Eradicated. Whatever. Until it thaws somewhere.

Oh please god or whoever let me live long enough to see Mar A Lago go underwater thanks to global warming sea rise YEAH

After demonstrators protest the Trump administration's anti-environmental stance, Trevor explains why it's in the president's best interest to care about glo...

$500K gets you an "investment visa" though our President's son in law, as kleptocracy rules welcome to uSa but only if you are already rich to begin with

Representatives from the Kushner family business urged Chinese citizens to consider investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a New Jersey real estate project.
it's snowing again now in tahoe wow

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Ayn Rand was a TV writer trying to do books in 1950s-60s, and her agent had to deliver regular supplies of "diet pills" to her (which is methamphetamine) as that is the ONLY WAY she could finish her books, hence the long rambling political speeches that end each novel. Those political rants are the root of America's crazy politics today. Ayn Rand was a SPEED FREAK and her drug-induced rambling is political philosophy that now rules our land (Hmm she was also from Russia, hah)
Just dive in. Accept that there is no govt oversight and that criminal behavior will be tolerated, as long as it's not street level, to which cops will respond in 5 secs with military weapons. White collar crime is in, don't fight it, join. Find your niche in this the great con or, like me, hide in plain sight. The trump attack is a bit like an earthquake. In a while it will be over and we will have rubble from which to rebuild.

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watching from a mountaintop

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