Saturday, May 13, 2017

so glad I live in a place where weed is easy to get...

he met in Oval Office with russia last week, he's entertaining Saudi and Turkish leaders there next week...

One distraction after another, meanwhile our infra structure is falling apart, whole generations are being lost, and Trump gets fatter
Does it bother anyone else that Trump is getting So Fat while the nation's poor are facing cuts in Food Stamps?

Someone has to stop the brainwashing of half of USA that is going on with Fox News, and is as damaging as a Bomb Going Off Over The Entire Country, and right now no one is doing anything to stop it.
Fox News is a Trojan Horse
First they got the Trojan Horse, i.e., Fox News, deeply entrenched into the nation. Now, they are opening the door and letting out the soldiers who were hidden inside, a President and population who have been totally mesmerized and will now do whatever Fox et al tell them to do.


A creeping coup

Putin says Americans are obsessed about Russia and should move on. Same thing they are saying at Fox News.
Hmm, also same thing Catholic bishops used to say to pedophile priest victims.

Ha Ha!
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John Brown
53 mins
It's the Russians
Kay Ebeling John, this is hilarious. But if you think the Russian attack on USA is not true, you better check the source of your news... they have totally infiltrated USA and it's the Smart people who know it. And It's Probably Happening in Australia Too.
Kay Ebeling Monks around the year 300 put together the Bible as a way to get the population back under control after the mayhem created by Christ's first followers. No one said Jesus was a god back then, just a revolutionary rabbi. That "trinity" "son of god" stuff was written into the margin by someone in the new Vatican, scholars have found the original documents with something like "add trinity" written literally in the margins. The world would be so different now if people just lived the way this brilliant man jesus said to, but Rome stepped in and created the Vatican to control the spread of these new ideas as fast as possible. It's all about power. Jesus was Assassinated for his Radical beliefs, such as sharing wealth and treating others, no matter their class or sex, as equals.

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looking for a way outta here

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