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Just what we need, more Fox News Zombies

According to Snopes, FDA denies it, but then story shows it really did happen. Trump admin tells fed govt offices to run nothing but Fox News, which as my FB friends know, means Fed Govt workers are all being fed anti-american propaganda all day while working for the USA, And I'm Frigging Scared, this is worse than 1984. It also I think proves what I've said all along, that Fox News was created by Putin to fill our heads with false information. And now the President is part of it. Scary my2cents,

An internal e-mail suggests the Trump administration requested the change.


At FDA, TVs now turned to Fox News and can't be switched

CBS News - ‎May 5, 2017‎
CBS News has confirmed an email was sent to researchers at the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research responding to apparent efforts to change the channel on internal television screens. The email from "[White Oak] Digital Display" sent ...

All Fox News All The Time on FDA Headquarters TV?

Scientific American (blog) - ‎May 5, 2017‎
Another agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, told Scientific American that they have not received any order to change their television channels, nor have they done so. Stay tuned to see if the FDA monitors remain locked on Fox. As the internal ...

FDA denies memo saying it only allows Fox News on TVs

The Hill - ‎May 5, 2017‎
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday denied the validity of a memo circulating on social media that claims that Fox News will be the only news channel allowed on televisions for one of the agency's units. “There was no directive or ...

FDA Denies Trump Admin Directed Agency To Display Fox News On Its TVs

TPM - ‎May 6, 2017‎
Employees at the Food and Drug Administration were told this week that the Trump administration had directed the agency to show Fox News rather than CNN on televisions at its White Oak, Maryland, campus, according to an internal email obtained by ...

Federal employees are being forced to watch Fox News, according to leaked email

ThinkProgress - ‎May 5, 2017‎
Federal employees are being forced to watch Fox News, according to leaked email ... “A decision from the current administration administrative officials has requested that all monitors, under our control, on the White Oak Campus, display FOX news,” it ...

FDA tunes all its headquarters TVs to Fox News

Daily Mail - ‎May 5, 2017‎
The statement, however, appears to only cover 'broadcast' channels. CNN and Fox News are both cable-only networks. Buzzfeed reported that a CBER staffer said some of the FDA's televisions have been turned off completely since Fox News started ...

Donald Trump Requested U.S. Food and Drug Administration Switch TV Monitors To Fox News Channel?

Business 2 Community - ‎May 6, 2017‎
President Donald Trump's administration requested that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should order its employees to switch television monitors to the Fox News channel. However, the FDA denies actually ordering employees to do so. Still, an ...

Did White House Order FDA to Tune TVs to Fox?

MedPage Today - ‎May 5, 2017‎
All television screens at the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research on its White Oak campus in Silver Spring, Md., will now be tuned into Fox News instead of CNN, according to a leaked internal email, CBS News reports. The email, which ...

What the Hell Is Going on at the FDA With This Fox News Email Saga?

Gizmodo - ‎May 5, 2017‎
It's a sleepy Friday afternoon on the East Coast, but that doesn't mean there isn't some weird stuff going on. This time, it's coming out of a department at the Food and Drug Administration, where a group of employees allegedly received an email ...

US federal staff being forced to watch Fox News instead of CNN, leaked email suggests

The Independent - ‎May 6, 2017‎
An email has been sent to staff at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcing that all their agency's televisions will show Fox News, apparently by order of the Trump administration. Journalist Paul Thacker tweeted a screengrab of the message ...

FDA denies Fox News is the only show allowed at its headquarters

USA TODAY - ‎May 5, 2017‎
"The reason for the change is that a decision from the current administration administrative officials has requested that all monitors, under our control, on the White Oak Campus, display FOX news," the email reads. "Sorry for the inconvenience, but I ...

HHS televisions tuned into Fox

Politico (blog) - ‎May 5, 2017‎
According to two people who work at the agency, the televisions at the Hubert Humphrey building had previously rotated among the three main cable channels every three days or so. But since shortly after the Trump administration took over ... current ...

FDA denies allegations of forcing Fox News at CBER campus

Mass Device - ‎May 5, 2017‎
The FDA today denied allegations that it is forcing television monitors at its Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research campus to be set to only the Fox News Channel. “There was no directive or memorandum from the Administration that went out to ...

White House Reportedly Orders FDA TVs To Show Fox News

America Now - ‎May 5, 2017‎
On May 3, officials at the Food and Drug Administration sent out an email to members of the agency's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) announcing that all TVs in that jurisdiction be set to Fox News. The email was sent out by "WO ...

FDA Spokesperson: Administration Not Behind Screen Changes From CNN To Fox

Benzinga - ‎May 5, 2017‎
An email circulated Wednesday alerting researchers at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) White Oak Campus that all common area television monitors were being changed from CNN to FOX News at the request of administrative officials ...

Post Note:  
Priest with AIDS rapes 30 girls and gets forgiven, wonder what happened to the 30 girls:
this is the kind of stuff Catholic Church covered up last few years, using same tactics of deflection and disinformation that russia is using now to keep Americans from finding out truth. I often wonder if some major international PR firm ran both projects...

Dan Ward shared a link to Pete Saracino's Timeline.
5 hrs

Catholic Church absolved priest after who faces no criminal charges for raping young girls under 10 - A Catholic Priest has been acquitted by the church after…

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