Friday, May 5, 2017

We are under attack from within

As I watch what is happening, I can almost sense russian guys in the Kremlin laughing at us, then pushing the next button. They set this up beginning in 1995, that's when Fake News started to become mainstream with Fox. Now this whole generation of useful idiot Americans is doing everything Faux News was created to make them do. Our Republican Congress is ALL Fox News Zombies. I, once again, have to hand it to Putin, as the strategy they pulled off here is astoundingly well thought out and executed. Problem is, what nation will be running america when this is over? Will I finally get housing when this is over? when will this frigking be over? Meanwhile, I'm scared to spend too much time outside, bk everyone who is not angry now will be as angry as the rest of us are soon and whoa, hold on. they got guns. good morning
If this health care thing happens, there will be Lots of sick people not getting treatment AND still having to go to work. Out in public more than before, they will be coughing on you with communicable germs. End result is more people will die. Once again, the end result of policies coming out of Trump World is Americans will die or live very broken lives. They are attacking us from within.

Putin et al managed to split the USA into two completely separate factions, using Fox News then expanding to other sites, indoctrinating people with false news. It was really easy to manipulate a large part of population, many who bought into the lies so deeply they ran for Congress, and Now- But really scary thing is on the street, half the people in your town could still believe the Faux News lies.

And They've Got Guns!
"We are at the point now where if a Facebook profile has lots of American flags on it, it's probably Russian." -John Fugelsang
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