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Transcript: 'Russian Agent in White House: Benedict Arnold. We have to fight for this democracy.' Malcolm Nance 05.10.2017 on Free Speech TV

Malcolm Nance spoke with Stephanie Miller May 10th on Free Speech TV re Comey firing and other developments: CofA Blog continues to document the coup with this transcript as part of the City of Angels Winging it Malcolm Nance Transcript Project, documenting the coup taking over the USA whenever we happen to be near the computer with transcription software running when something important is being said in a clip that's playing and usually it's Malcolm Nance speaking, hence the title:  City of Angels Winging it Malcolm Nance Transcript Project. (Click clip # to hear audio)

S:  Malcolm Nance, I have to say maybe you are even a little surprised at this (firing of Comey).
M:  Well I was shocked, surprised.  Funny thing is, I thought Trump would do something.  Some people were saying look out for the next twenty four hours,let's see who he bombs, but to actually go so far as this.  It's like they took out a bullet point list of all the things Nixon did and said, listen, what haven’t we done yet. Let's fire the chief investigator of the Russian probe and let's make sure that everyone thinks that everything else is absolutely the most suspicious thing possible. 
I don't know, maybe their Russian advisory team that's over there in the White House [LAUGHS] is not actually getting to them before they hit the Twitter button.
S:  T is meeting today with Sergei Lavrov the Russian who according to MI6 Steele ran Putin's election hacking operation.  I mean if there's a word that's beyond brazen-
M: I don't even recall that meeting being on the schedule.  Yesterday they were saying the President's schedule was clear today.  And then only later on it was announced that he would be meeting the Russian foreign minister,  And I tweeted about this.  I said heads it's a quid pro quo, tails it's a fitness evaluation by his case officer who will be handling them from Russian intelligence.  It's just absolutely amazing.
Nothing more could be done than him, I don't know, calling Putin and giving him a congratulations on firing Comey. 
This is- everything about it looks dirty, it looks wrong.
And it looks as if he is reporting in to his masters. 
S:  Um, well thank you.
S:  Malcolm, so many questions this morning, someone said this can't be a coincidence they did this while Comey was in L.A.  Did they seal his office, does he have access to his files?  What happens now Malcolm?
M: I have to invoke Nance's law.  Coincidence takes a lot of planning. 
- people who were standing with him and saw that happen.  This is a coordinated hit and back to old intelligence dictum of why.  Why is your target behaving this way?  What is the motivation background for whatever he's doing. There is always a why.  And the only thing that you can put in at this point is to stop the investigation about Russia.
S: And hours after CNN reports that they're already serving subpoenas out, right?
M: Well the subpoenas now, we should not confuse these, as some of the press is reporting, or what you see on the internet.  These were requests for records related to Michael Flynn finances from people who were associated with Flynn.  There was a request for- a subpoena put out to get those records.  It was not indictments and things like that as people were posting all over the place.
But it was just another nail in the coffin that shows Michael Flynn, who now with Sally Yates's testimony the other day, which is what we should be talking about-
S:  right yeah.
M: Shows that he- this story is coming as close to him being a turned Russian agent as we're ever going to get- the only thing left is Benedict Arnold.

S:  With Trump, well first of all we know that everything out of his mouth is a lie.  But the part in his letter that said even though I appreciate you telling me three times in person that I'm not a target, don’t you think that odd.  What can you even say about that? It's obviously a lie.
M:  If it's not a lie, that means the President of the United States has broken the law,  He cannot be communicating with the investigators on an investigation.  But I mean it was patently obvious, I mean he was firing him because of his mishandling of Hillary Clinton and violating her civil rights?  I mean this is absolutely insane and an insult to everyone. To think that this is what you would do.  We are- unfortunately, we've moved to the point where the United States is teetering on the edge of a Russia style autocracy.  And he thought he could just do it and get away with it. 
And people write to me all day, what do we do, what do we do.  You've got to make your voices heard out there.  We're all individuals.  My own representative yesterday supported this move, which is insane, that people would not want the FBI to continue their work, that our national counter intelligence officers shouldn't be hunting down potentially Russian spies in our midst and that the White House is trying to stop it dead.
S: Republicans appear to be a party that has absolutely chosen party over country.  What do you think happens now and what can happen?  He could even fire a special prosecutor?
M: Somebody sent me a flyer that on June second, I believe there is going to be a march, March for Truth.
S:  I believe they better move that up a little bit, don’t you?
M: [LAUGHS] well you need time to organize but it's all local, everybody can now register and create their own march against this Russian activity.  And now there's a reason to do it, because we have a nation that needs to be defended.  And everyone needs to stand up for the defense of this democracy and to do that, what did Franklin say?
What do you have, Mr. Franklin?
A republic.  If we can keep it.
And we are at the point now where we are going to have to fight for this democracy
S:  We've never been here.  It's a constitutional crisis, it's a cold civil war, it's whatever you want to call it- I don't think it's hyperbole.  Can I ask what you think is going to happen now, or what should?
M:  Well I think what's going to happen is- you have to remember one thing.  Donald Trump was elected by just twenty five percent of the voting public, twenty five percent.  There's seventy five percent.  Fifty that didn't vote and the twenty five that voted and got three million more votes for Hillary Clinton.
And now that seventy five percent needs to come together. 
The education of the fifty percent of the voters who don’t have time for this- they are going to start watching and paying attention now.
And they are going to start seeing the words, treason impeachment cover-up
S: You've always said, be patient, this takes time, intelligence is different than evidence.
S: -regular FBI investigation, this is counter espionage, what happens to that now, today, as we speak?
M:  Well the guys who are the counter intelligence, the spy hunters for the FBI, these are not people that can be intimidated. They're talking about Rudy Giuliani or Sheriff Clark [LAUGHTER] as potential candidates for the FBI director. 
That person has to be confirmed, and they won't be confirmed as far as there are the four or five Republicans there are now that are against the firing of Comey.  A lot of these Republicans liked Comey and they thought he was a straight shooter even with the Hillary Clinton stuff.  But you bring in a sycophant, you bring in someone who is completely in the pocket of the president and that you know will help him commit crimes, first of all that's the job of the Attorney General, which is to be impartial-
S:  Yeah Rudy Giuliani is up to his ears in this, right?
M:  He may actually in fact be a target.  So everyone needs to get on their phones, call their Senators.  Don’t email. Call and flood the lines and tell them what you want, which is a special prosecutor, if that's what you want, or an investigation if that's what you want, or if you support the President, call and say that.  This is a situation where people power-
And by the way the Russians: Terrified of people power.  They actually put a warning out to Trump a couple of months ago saying that if you don’t watch it, you'll have an American [SOUNDS LIKE] Nagod, which was the Ukrainian movement that threw out the quote Moscow people.
They do not want the American people to stand up for themselves. 
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