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Dialogue with a Poli-Sci Professor 1

A growing collaboration begins here:

(It started when I was having a manic Facebook episode, and as Trump left on his first overseas trip as "President," I posted: )

Kay Ebeling WHY are we letting Trump leave the country while he is Under Investigation? @alfranken @RepAdamSchiff @SMShow.

(A woman in Texas who I had friended weeks earlier without really knowing who she was piped right in: )
Jaye Ramsey Sutter 
 Who is going to stop him? There is literally no one to stop him. Nothing like this was ever anticipated.
(I responded:)
Kay Ebeling Law Enforcement  and a few good republicans

(What happened after that is the growth of a friendship perhaps a collaboration with my new friend in Texas, that went like this:)

Jaye Ramsey Sutter
Jaye Ramsey Sutter If they will act. The whole mess will hit the papers before the Republicans do anything.  The president cannot be arrested. He can be indicted but not arrested. They can file articles of impeachment but even that does not stop him from being president and conducting foreign affairs. Impeach, convict, expel, indict, try, convict, imprison.

Kay Ebeling Jaye Ramsey Sutter well maybe this will change that.  It seems if he breaks a law, he is still a citizen, so can be arrested
Jaye Ramsey Sutter No. It does not work like that. It cannot be changed. If you will recall Nixon was never arrested.
Kay Ebeling NATO?
Jaye Ramsey Sutter We are NATO. They do not have any authority to arrest the United States' President
Kay Ebeling this is astounding. I guess no one ever thought a President would be a thug like this.

Kay Ebeling Russia figured out there is this huge hole, I mean Trump probably could not pass a regular background check to get a federal job and he's president. We never realized someone so dishonest could get into the presidency so there is nothing in place to deal with it? Is that it?
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Nixon? Andrew Johnson? Warren Harding? Yes. Impeachment.
Kay Ebeling I can name Some Good things even Nixon did..
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Only because the public fueled by JFK and ZlBJ paved the road for them. Nixon bombed 2 million innocent people. Lied about Viet Nam Laos and Cambodia. He was an unindicted co conspirator. He abused power and was a tax evader. A cheap petty crook. The Plumbers plotted to murder journalists.
I am a political science professor with a law degree. It does not work like that.
(Feeling a bit intimidated by this woman who I did not know being so informed when I'm so used to being the smartest person in the room, I posted a different post: ) 
Forget impeachment, arrest him.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter It cannot be done. There is no police force with the authority. The FBI can't. It is a separation of powers thing. When and if he enters private life he can be arrested then but not until. Bummer.
Kay Ebeling I think someone will figure something out and it will be "amazing" genuinely amazing ... call me a flower child, after all i once was...
Jaye Ramsey Sutter I am a political science professor with a law degree. It does not work like that. He is not a private citizen. He is the president and no one can touch him. Congress has no police force. The courts cannot issue a warrant because it is long established there is no authority. Not one news person or politician has stated it is possible. He is going to leave the country on Friday. Nothing can stop that.
Kay Ebeling Well then it looks like Putin found a gaping hole in our system to make this happen.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Impeachment is the remedy. The threat of it took Nixon down. That is the rule of law. Not a dictatorship.  Nixon could have been arrested after he resigned.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Nixon feared what came with impeachment. Clinton did not quit because he did not commit an impeachable offense.  We are a terrifically strong nation with great traditions laws and institutions. We will get through this. It takes time.
Kay Ebeling We are not prepared to counter this then. Trump is moving too fast. 
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Yes we are. Impeachment.
Kay Ebeling I think we need outside help.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter There is none. And a nation that is a constitutional democracy allows the process to work. We have an excellent constitution. Let it work.  
Kay Ebeling Maybe just keep feeding Trump ice cream and cake then sending him out to play golf in the heat...
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Maybe stack up the charges, keep the press--the Fourth Estate--working and the elections in 2018 to work and we get impeachment.
Kay Ebeling I'm concerned about damage he can do between now and 2018 election
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Me too. I worry about the nuclear possibility.
Kay Ebeling We are not prepared to counter this then.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Yes we are. Impeachment. We are a terrifically strong nation with great traditions laws and institutions. We will get through this. It takes time.
(A Few Minutes Later, I got another nudge and posted this on Facebook:)
Did Trump even get a basic classified security clearance before taking office? Is the President the one job in Fed Govt a person can get without a background check? Tell me they did just that much research beforehand, please.
okay I just googled it and Yup, the President Does Not get a security clearance, he just cons people into voting for him and Walks into the job with no background checks. Apparently Putin Googled that too a few years back... gotta go transcribe for work now. good morning.
how could we be so stupid?
how could we be so stupid?
(And within seconds I heard from Jaye in Texas)
Jaye Ramsey Sutter How did we elect Nixon, Reagan, not abolish the Electoral College after W. we are stupid. One third of the nation is insane at any moment.
(Another friend in WV chimed in) 
Jo Miller 1/3 crazy, 1/3 being made crazy, 1/3 indifferent.
Kay Ebeling It just seems like when I was a little girl in the 1950s people were not dumb like this. The Public, almost everyone read a daily newspaper and had a job. It took decades to make americans this stupid, and lots of things caused it, but for geezers like me, this is astounding.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter McCarthyism continued through the 60s in a different form. Hoover ran the FBI. Blacklisting. Nixon as VP Checkers speech. No interracial marriage. Abortion was not uttered. Segregation. People were just as stupid. Operation Mockingbird. Homosexuality was a crime. Grounds for marriage were necessary to prove. We were just as stupid.
Kay Ebeling Still today’s news is like comparing Edward R. Murrow to Joe Scarborough. We have sunk that low
Putin bought Trump 10 years ago as an asset agent and Trump has been put to useful work.
(The dialogue grows)
Did Trump even get a basic classified security clearance before taking office? Is the President the one job in Fed Govt a person can get without a background check? Tell me they did just that much research beforehand, please.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter No. He did not get a background check. Not a requirement for the office.
Kay Ebeling Which is something that I hope we change after this.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter We won't. No Electoral College change after Gore. No one is going to amend the constitution over this.
Kay Ebeling That's insane. you can't be a tour guide at the NASA museum there in Houston without a clearance.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Nope. 35. Natural born citizen. Resident for 14 years. That is it.  No college degree. No law degree. Get elected in the EC. That is it.
Kay Ebeling Well then let's let the spies into the NASA museum, WTF. I think this is the hole in our system that Putin exploited. Astounding
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Not so much a hole as Putin bought Trump 10 years ago as an asset agent and Trump has been put to useful work. This constitution was fine until Trump the criminal while came along.
Kay Ebeling Jaye Ramsey Sutter  That's what I'm saying. We did not prepare for a thug this bad getting elected President.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter The press never investigated Trump.
(Okay, I have to admit, when I googled Jaye’s name and realized she really is a political science professor with a law degree, I felt a bit intimidated.  Tentatively I posed to her this question: )
When Nixon resigned, wasn't it after a couple concerned republicans went and spoke to him privately and convinced him to do it? Jaye Ramsey Sutter
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Yes. Including Barry Goldwater. Because the House Committee had voted to recommend to the full House impeachment. Nixon knew that meant a trial in the Senate and no government. Goldwater said to Nixon he would have ten votes to 90 in Nixon's favor. Nixon resigned.
Trump would not do this. He believes his own nonsense. Clinton was asked by Democrats to quit and he refused because he was not guilty of an impeachable offense. Bribery, treason, other high crimes and misdemeanors Trump is textbook Federalist Paper's example of why this clause is in the Constitution
 Saudis say same things about US and Obama etc that you hear on Fox News
(A few days later, my post on Facebook went up when Jaye was also awake and this resulted: )
Just watched man on street interviews in Arabia about Trump. Somehow Saudis are saying same things about US and Obama etc that you hear on Fox News. Hmm.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Saudis hate Obama.
Kay Ebeling yep and in English the Saudi sound bites are anti-Obama
Kay Ebeling My theory since 2013 is that Saudis started Fox News in 1995
Jaye Ramsey Sutter No doubt their money helped.
Kay Ebeling as years progress there is more and more evidence of it. My theory is that in 1995 the Fox BOUGHT their position on cable news with Saudi money and it has been all downhill since then
Jaye Ramsey Sutter I am exhausted

As Trump’s expedition to Saudi Arabia to turn the USA into an emirate continued, Jaye posted:
Jaye Ramsey Sutter It is just bullshit. Arms deals? They don't require these displays. Ugly propagandizing aggrandizement.
If a novel was written about this time would we find it credible? To what will historians and political scientists attribute this crisis in our republic? How are we going to get out of this? Republicans are not concerned. Either they care more about a tax plan, their religious fanatical base-- which votes more than moderate liberals or conservatives--or they are also bribed by Russians
If everyone doesn't vote for Democrats in legislatures and Congress in 2018 we are going to be governed by Putin Fascists like Trump. (Please don't call him a populist.).
(But I'm still distracted with my Fox News theory)
This attack started in 1995 when a huge amount of cash was paid to put Fox News on cable lineups all over USA (probably saudi cash washed through rupert). Thus began the attack on USA using Misinformation. It worked so well they expanded online to websites, bought up almost all the radio stations so entire geographic regions heard nothing but misinformation. They used agents to find the most vulnerable among the rich and found D Trump- (enter Melania)- made sure he was Completely Entrenched in Misinformation so he then could rally the rest of the... zombies to vote for him even though he was lying right and left. Now he's President and the coup set it up so We Can't Stop him- he lined up The Richest People in USA behind him- the coup knows how money runs everything here.
It's greed and ignorance that is destroying us now from within. I'm glad I have a staircase hiding my window as well, here where I'm hiding under the big tree.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter This is the greatest espionage case of all time. Trump wanted to be the wealthiest i.e. Most powerful man and Putin is the man/ friend/ father that Trump thinks accepts him. Trump was abandoned by his parents and therefore he won't give up Putin. It is craven. But we don't know the half. The more we learn the worst is yet to come.
What motivates spies is the politics of retribution and acceptance. They resent. It is their existential essence .
Jaye Ramsey Sutter We are in a Cuban Missile Crisis Moment.
We are in a Cuban Missile Crisis Moment
Jaye Ramsey Sutter
Manchurian Candidate? Yes!

Kay Ebeling My bet is that the Saudis are behind this coup, working with Putin and who knows who else, Putin is too easy to see and this hold coming down on us is just too - vice like. I think my neighbors who drink all day on their Disability checks are about to have a rude awakening and I will not applaud, bk I know the new dictatorship will find a way to come after me soon too. I'm not a journalist anymore, just a transcriber, living quietly behind a big tree. \
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Fascism. The Saudi and the Russian ultra conservative Fascists. I can't sleep. .

(As our friendship developed, Jaye asked me how to get a TV show produced, and we learned more about each other: )

Kay Ebeling You need to write about ten scripts COMPLETELY and then find an agent. That's how it's done.
Kay Ebeling Or marry a producer
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Damn. I should have!
Kay Ebeling I turned down a guy whose "daddy" owned a bank in Dallas, oh those mistakes we make
Jaye Ramsey Sutter If we had it to do again
Kay Ebeling Yeah but time moves forward
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Absolutely
Kay Ebeling The dallas guy was a dweeb anyway . oh well
Jaye Ramsey Sutter If they are from Dallas they are dweebs. I grew up Irving
Kay Ebeling His parents DID NOT like me...
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Bad sign.
Kay Ebeling I was a girl from California come to town as a yoga instructor, not dallas material
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Kay Ebeling it is a mean, narrow place.
Kay Ebeling Ranchers do not like vegetarians...
(A few days later, I visited Wikipedia and learned things about Jared Kushner that provoked me to make this Facebook Post: )
Kay Ebeling He's Russian. "His paternal grandparents, Rae and Joseph Kushner, were Holocaust survivors who came to the U.S. in 1949 from Navahrudak, Belarus (then USSR).[8][9]"
Jared Corey Kushner (born January 10, 1981) is an American real estate investor and developer, newspaper owner, and senior advisor to President Donald Trump.
Kay Ebeling They could have been KGB in 1949... hmm, getting The Americans series DVDs from Library now
Then Jaye Posted:
Jaye Ramsey Sutter
Jared Kushner. Data Analytics. Russians ran disinformation campaign on Facebook.
Cate Bramble Cambridge Analytica, Twitter, Facebook, Russian bots and American bots.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Everywhere a bot bot
Kay Ebeling The Americans rewatch starting from Season One
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Read The People's House. David Pepper.
Kay Ebeling Yes, professor
Jaye Ramsey Sutter  There will be a test
Like they get their thoughts in an email from headquarters
(A few days later I posted: )
Kay Ebeling  The bots are back, big time
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Yes they sure are!!!!
Kay Ebeling Prepare to argue about Hillary and Bill's "murders" and chemtrails again
Denny Berfield Good bye Kay.........You're obviously no friend of mine.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter And she hit Bill. And the Secret Service.  And vaccines
Kay Ebeling Wow, she even blocked me. I wanted to give her a few more facts. Oh well.
Kay Ebeling When they realize you have a brain, they block you so you can't see what else they are doing where.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Annoying isn't that.
Kay Ebeling Yes but if it's really a concerted effort by Russia, scary
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Kay Ebeling I completely believe it is. I think it is massive and insidious.
Kay Ebeling I think they even have people planted in small towns. There were real weird letters to editor in Lancaster CA when I lived there in 2013, same damn repetition of message, immediate response, one letter after another, and the people lived in remote areas so...
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Reminds me of oddly that film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. These people are either not real or have no idea about Russians or they are Russians
Kay Ebeling Yeah there is something very weird about it...
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Kay Ebeling Like they get their thoughts in an email from headquarters
Jaye Ramsey Sutter I have actually noticed this odd feeling about marching orders talking points for 20 years. I hear it everywhere.
Kay Ebeling Since 1995 when they installed Fox News and activated it
Kay Ebeling So actually it is Bill Clinton's fault as he deregulated the FCC. lol
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Kay Ebeling Reagan. There was a Communications Act but Rush Limbaugh was the first turn of the nutty screw. Fairness Doctrine went under Reagan
Kay Ebeling I think when they saw with Fox News how easy it was to manipulate us over airwaves, then they amped it up, especially when they could do websites and say Anything and with enough money, be Everywhere. They basically attacked us by taking advantage of our Freedom of Speech
Kay Ebeling yes, they also saw what Rush got away with, that may have inspired this
Jaye Ramsey Sutter We will bury you!!!

Jaye Ramsey Sutter So they admit Trump isn't well he resigns. Pence pardons all of them.
Kay Ebeling #$%^&*()_+{}!!!
Classic work from Edward Bernays, the father of public relations and political spin and the man who designed the ad campaign that got the United States...
Kay Ebeling God, I got to get to my Job, dang

(More dialogue:)

Kay Ebeling What Trump did at NATO was why Putin orchestrated his election. Just heard Malcolm Nance say that on AM Joy and it is what I had been thinking. Then someone joked about Trump and no one laughed as this has stopped being jokeable
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Sick. Our Congress and Executive has bee compromised. It is never going to get prosecuted I fear
Kay Ebeling i'm afraid it's too late to stop them. They pulled this off and now we have to live with it. Scared
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Well are we going to be a Russian satellite?
Kay Ebeling Why did they do this? for what purpose?
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Kay Ebeling To end NATO. To dominate the world of politics, oil, money. Putin is the wealthiest man in the world. More fortunate than anyone else. He wants us to fail to respond when he creates second class. Status for women and minorities.
Kay Ebeling How will that affect individual americans?
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Kay Ebeling Well no civil rights and liberties. As long as Americans have big screens bad good and beer they won't care.
Kay Ebeling Will Putin build affordable housing? (lol)
Jaye Ramsey Sutter He will move on Western Europe while his dupe brags about women and money. Trump will never respond. They control the whole planet.

Our dialogue continues:
Kay Ebeling Gaah at least in a dictatorship, they would have arrested and shot Trump and his staff by now. WTF is wrong with our DOJ et al that they can't find a way to stop this traitor from making one more policy? He should just sit in the Oval Office and Tweet while we all "figure out what's going on" hmm, maybe that is what is happening.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter The DOJ is working but the director is a Trump appointee. The Attorney General.
Kay Ebeling Yes, they have a Vice Like grip on our system, leaving us to do nothing but blather on news shows
Jaye Ramsey Sutter The system has a flaw. No internal method of investigation
Kay Ebeling You and I should write something. Maybe I should just copy and paste our conversations on my blog to start.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter I am really very serious about writing with you.
Kay Ebeling I'll start by tracking down your comments with me and putting them together, when I finish this tiny job I have to do this AM. If you saved any of them send them to me
Jaye Ramsey Sutter We can work back and forth.
Kay Ebeling We already are.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter We can ask each other mighty questions!!!

The Russians won.
(More dialogue:)

Jaye Ramsey Sutter  Right now Putin's frat boy electioneering trick looks like merely resentment toward Hillary. But the issue is about no crack down on Syria, oil, and possible sanction lifting.

Tensions rose between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War Two | THE MAKING OF A NATION

Jaye Ramsey Sutter The Russians won.
Kay Ebeling Can I quote you?
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Please do.
Posted by Kay
Finally growing up as I grow old 

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