Friday, May 12, 2017

Just think of the news as one long Judd Apatow film and it all starts to make sense.

US politics is a comedy. Look at faces of people standing in background as President or a Republican speaks, listen to ridiculous stuff they are saying. It's hilarious. This is a Massive Joke.

Could it Be
Manafort did not have to register as working for a foreign agent bk Russia is no longer a foreign agent... 
Maybe we are now all Russians, they just haven't held the press conference to tell us yet. 
I keep wondering about all the FB friends from Illinois and Pennsylvania that I Lost during the election bk they were Bernie people who went kinda nuts against Hillary. I wonder now, what kind of news stories were they hearing in those regions that caused them to believe what they did. Wish I could get those FB friends back, but... fracturing USA and creating contention that wasn't really there was The Russians' goal with this disinformation project. 
And it worked.
Look at him. He's isolated in the Oval Office while someone else is doing whatever is being done, he's getting Visibly Fatter and puffier by the day, now and then he appears in the news and says things that make no sense, meanwhile Critical American agencies are draining personnel and resources: WTF is really going on here

Think of all the things the US govt should be doing now, housing environment health issues, they are ALL being neglected while this clown dances and ALL of us respond to it. I think we are all being played demo and repub and indep
The way Trump is gaining weight, wonder if his Russian intel handlers are controlling him by using food. just saying

Kris Kobach was spooning down vanilla ice cream when I showed him the thick pages of evidence documenting his detailed plan to rig the presidential election of 2016. The Secretary of State of Kansas, sucking up carbs at a Republican Party Fundraiser recognized the documents – and ran for it while still trying to wolf down the last spoonful. That was 2015 (yes, the ballot heist started way back). Today this same man on the run, Kris Kobach, is now Donald Trump’s choice to head the new “Voter Integrity Commission.” It’s like appointing Al Capone to investigate The Mob....

A white supremacist leads the president's election reform commission. Kris Kobach was spooning down vanilla ice cream when I showed him the thick pages of…
Guy looks like he's from cast of Goodfellas:
"Federal authorities on Thursday searched the offices of a political consulting firm in Annapolis that has worked with Republican candidates locally and nationwide and was sued in 2014 on allegations of fraudulent fundraising practices. Strategic Campaign Group says it supports Republican candidates on a range of services including mail, fundraising and telephone town halls. Its leaders include GOP strategists Kelley Rogers, Chip O’Neil and Dennis Whitfield. The firm has close ties to Republican consultant Scott B. Mackenzie, a treasurer for multiple political action committees that..."

Authorities retrieved documents related to firm’s campaign work. The company has been linked in a lawsuit to fraudulent fundraising practices.

Hibiscus syrup is good for my blood pressure... especially in Jack Daniel's.

More to come 


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