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Life Story of Kay, Sunshine, cityofangelslady, Jesica Leland, et al, they are all me at age 70 now writing it

(New approach)

I come from a family where in 1997 one sister caused the unusual death of my dad and soon after her 300 pound body was found in a coma on the floor of a hotel room in Las Vegas.  Somehow she’d gotten all the cash out of my dad’s savings accounts, from which while alive he would draw no money, even when family members really needed help.  The animosity created by my dad's tightwad tendencies were so intense that more than one relative took part in his accelerated demise.  However, that one sister screwed the cousins and took all the cash and when they removed her vegetative body to a local mental health facility a few weeks later, there was nothing left, leaving my mom and sister and me to accept that our inheritance had been lost on a casino floor and we were now suddenly poor.   
A big source of the sour dynamics in my family was the pedophile priest who only molested two of the three sisters.  As a result there was a kind of favoring and protection done to the two of us who were diddled by the priest, and the third sister felt somehow left out.  I was the youngest and spent most of my life seeing injustice all around me and writing about it.
Somehow I have a problem trusting people.
Because of serendipity, I was not only one of the pedophile priest victims, but in 2007 I also was an unemployed journalist with a brand new laptop looking for a story just as the 660 lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles were going through Superior Court because of  pedophile priests, so not only was I one of the victims, I started a blog and wrote about the crimes.
I was so na├»ve, I thought I could just start exposing the Vatican with its U.S. bishops and monsignors committing serial felonies and getting away with it, and get away with it.  I got documents from lawyers and plaintiffs and scanned them onto the blog, one time the blacked out signatures on the legal doc were visible thanks to the scan optics, and I just published it anyway.  I published everything I got my hands on.
I was naive because I did not even realize how bad an organization like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops could attack me in invisible ways and basically destroy my family and career, what was left of it.  Things started to get weird as soon as I started the blog and the longer I kept producing it, the more aggressive strange and possibly lethal the attacks on me became.
PLUS: there is a similarity in what was done to me by the Catholic Church from 2008 to 2016 to what the Republicans with the help of Russia did to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. 
For example, as soon as I joined Facebook in 2011, someone created a fake Facebook account using my picture and information, then released a child porn video to the 300 or so pedophile priest victims and activists who I communicated with through Facebook at that time.  Soon my Facebook friends list was down to less than 200.  In 2010 many people did not know that creating a fake FB account that way was possible.  So while I was running a blog about pedophile priest crime, someone sent hundreds of the victims a child porn video in my name. 
After that lots of my readers dropped me and blocked me and I never heard from them again. 
That is just one of many CIA type intelligence techniques used on me starting in 2008 or so, when new espionage technology was just getting into the private sector.  It stands to reason that among the first to use the tech would be the Archbishop of Los Angeles. I could feel it as it happened, my "handlers" who I got used to and accepted as part of the project stopped contacting in person or by phone and I just started having strange things happen to me over the internet. 
Once again now thanks to Serendipity, I live in Tahoe, where I am obtuse, the outsider, the visitor, the person who stands on the side ogling what people are doing but rarely a participant.
I don't go to the casinos...
Because my neighbors kept attacking me wherever I lived after they found out I was writing about pedophile priests and there are Catholics Everywhere, I had to move six times in five years.  Finally in 2015 I got myself to a mountain top resort, not because I love to ski or sail, but because in a resort you can hide in plain sight. 
I used to cry about how isolated I ended up because I am not a hermit, I am the opposite.  Now I'm grateful to be invisible for a while.
Today in 2017 we have a culture being overtaken and controlled by the one percent, not rich Americans, but the global wealthy are basically taking over everything, including the U.S. government.  
So it's not just me, everyone else’s life is getting worse as well, while we all watch this new layer of uber rich segue into the new Royalty and we can't seem to do anything to stop it.
Now circumstances of my life and serendipity cause me to find myself here in a town that is dependent on and caters to that one percent who are the ones with all the wealth.  That's great as it means there's real fast high speed internet here unlike any other rural town in the USA. Rents here are cheap so the underpaid servants and waiters etc who work for the uber rich can afford a place to live. We also get the trickle down use of their infrastructure. 
Not only are the rich in Tahoe part of the one percent
But the source of the income that put many of them in the one percent is casinos. 
So the corruption was already here in South Lake Tahoe even before Trump became President, where now it's just Establishmentarian to be a crook. So I find myself once again in the right place at the right time. 
Isn’t it funny how so many career white collar criminals are Republicans?
If only I could go back and undo that one incident that happened at age five, that skewered my whole life.  A priest diddling me with fingers between my legs causing me from puberty onwards to be a sexual predator almost, I was so aggressive, so determined to have sex with every man that set the sexual bots active in me.
Yes they're like bots the little endorphins that would start to escalate as soon as I was in contact with one man alone and he was in any way attractive. 
That got me in So Much Trouble. 
If I could just go back and undo that one incident, my entire life would have been different, I probably would have been one of the scientists that got selected to be the first female astronauts. I was their age, I was in Houston, I was a NASA groupie, I had a bachelor’s degree and such an amazingly checkered past, it's amazing NASA even hired me back in 1978.
If only that one incident hadn’t happened.  The forty years of self destructive behavior would then not have happened and I’d have ended up an entirely different person. 
And today if only the church had acknowledged what was done to me and my sister, but instead when my case finally settled in 2016, the check I got was eleven thousand dollars. That's what the catholic church reimbursed me for ruining my life.
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More to come
2: Serendipity 
3: How I got the name Sunshine 

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