Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Smooth coup

While Flynn pleads the Fifth and all of them refuse to turn over documents, and while Trump picks Halvah out of his teeth and opens his mouth for a Big Fat Bagel- intel, resources, secrets, who knows what else, are all being siphoned off, permanent damage is being done as information gets scrubbed from EPA etc, they are STALLING while the coup continues right in front of our faces, with All The Cameras pointed at them. Especially Flynn, so smooth while he sells out the whole nation, legs crossed, ignoring reporters' questions. Gotta hand it to them, this was brilliant strategy. The USA lost and I'm an American about to be f---ed but it was a brilliant military conquest. No weapons used. hmm

why did someone from Trump Admin leak name of Manchester terrorist when Brits were still investigating and wanted his name kept secret?

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