Friday, May 19, 2017

side trip, still too swamped at work to blog but

Trump is like OJ in the People v. OJ Simpson: just watched the series after getting the DVDs from library. Amazed at parallels in Simpson's crazy trial in 1994 and how his team manipulated the press and public to win and Donald T's crazy campaign in 2016 and how his team manipulated the press and Public to win. Both cases it's powerful old men getting paid or paying others mucho $$$ to do outrageous things that get lots of attention and manipulate the public to do something that actually defeats us. 
Methinks the root of all our problems is rich people buying things such as justice and political office. So my suggestion would be that we Eat the Rich, except I'm vegan.
And there's Marcia Clark, the competent but not great female professional, trying to do a job as well as it can be done, much like Hillary Clinton. But she can't get past all the insane stuff in the press and courtroom being produced by the rich old men.

The country that has been paying Flynn behind scenes is Turkey, same country that had protesters brutally beaten outside its embassy in DC a few days ago.


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