Sunday, May 14, 2017

84% of Republicans Like Donald Trump, and I am not going out much these days

Those were Hate Rallies. Your neighbors are now riled up on Hate. 

I feel like this is being staged. Trump speaking to Evangelical Christians is biblical in the size of its hypocrisy. I think I saw a scene like this in a futuristic end of world type movie, where a satanic leader speaks to cheers from a mesmerized crowd right before the holocaust or a huge attack by monster space aliens. What happens next to USA?
Finnish documentary on Trump, shows what America no longer has freedom to report

Dutch documentation/investigative journalism about the ties of Donald Trump to the Russian mobsters. The original is located here
Every time this coup ramps up, I start searching maps of Canada and Mexico for the best way out. I find though, at least from the Google satellite map view, almost every big city in North America is a mass of freeways, roads where there's six lanes of asphalt with a nod to a sidewalk on the side that is barely wide enough for feet. I search and search, where is there a city that is Not Dominated by Cars, where I can get to the Post office and grocery store without too much hassle, where I'm not too far away in case my daughter ever comes back, and where the climate and political chaos will not be too bad next few years and I realize, once again, I am best off just staying here in Tahoe. The bus is a block away, it's easy, and remote. Plus Trump's tanks won't be able to climb this high...

As long as people hold onto their steering wheels, the USA will be run by Oil People / Trump.
Life as a Pedestrian in USA:
Pedestrian USA: As I walk along, stumbling into holes that have been in the sidewalk for years, almost sliding out into the street where four lanes of shiny vehicles fly by, I have to always be on the defensive, as every day several of these speeding steel vehicles come close to hitting / killing me, and then just keep driving by. As I struggle, what comes out of my mouth often is, "How can I get away from the Oil People." Their awful moving cubicles from which they rarely emerge are Destroying this beautiful planet. And now under Trump the Oil People will Never be stopped. The Oil People ruin everything at the same time they Run Everything. Good morning.
I know the reason more people don't get out of their cars and start walking is most cities have developed in ways that makes walking almost impossible.

Bk we rely on cars, we are now all slaves to the Oil People 
who have much bigger cars that will hit you and then just drive away

1984 on steroids
State of Denial (2017) An Al Jazeera Documentary


More to come

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wishing it was easier for an old lady to leave the country

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