Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blatant propaganda

This is what people find on Twitter. Image is the Icon that goes with "MAGA-funkytown" account which sends out messages like this on a regular basis: 

The Washington Post and the New York Times...are garbage Using "former officials" and "un-named sources" passes off as journalism these days

Look at the image, designed to arouse, then the message is Putin's anti-American propaganda. These anti-American messages are All Over The Internet seducing the under-educated into believing false facts and Americans are not paying attention.

By the way "unnamed sources" are critical to developing news stories and have been for decades. The newspaper's editors and LAWYERS know who the source is. 


Here is more obvious propaganda with Putin's message from Maga-funkytown: 

Fox News Sunday is having this guy on as guest...Why???

Replying to 

CNN just went after Sheriff Clarke who's joining the Trump admin....these globalists will stop at nothing.
If a tweet says "globalist" it's by a Putin bot.
Also "snowflake" 
Replying to 
looks like a pretty boy snowflake.
Replying to 
this is about America vs. globalists.

The Saudi-Putin connection. 
Replying to, jobs...and Saudi's will assist with the Israel-Palestinian peace talks....Iran is funding the terrorism across the middle east
Bots are convincing americans that Saudis and Putin are good guys, just go into a coma and let them take over. 
Oh Fuck. Where is the CIA when we need them? Why didn't they STOP this misinformation or at least point it out sooner? 
I don't trust Anyone anymore. 
going to go have breakfast at a casino soon as the sun comes up

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